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Random word generator emails?

2008-10-26 22:26:05 by Undertone

Lately I've been innundate with hundreds of those wierd random-sentance-generator e-mails that are supposed to sell me knock-off Dutch watches. Here's one of my favourites.

Argentinian mayonaise, exclaimed the gangster as he surveyed the reading group.
The roasted duck nodded in agreement
the jawa was fired, as his shoes filled with glue
tube of suitcase! replied oven gloves
Shaved hair clippers admitted they were wrong. Producers of cows realise mistake
thieves teach english to the poor.
The potato, convinced that it's stepfather murdered it's mother, drank purple soup.
Telephones cause trouser tradegy


2008-10-10 17:31:59 by Undertone

Just tried some, and can safely say Dandelion and Burdock is the best drink ever.

It even smells a bit like paint stripper.